Suprapower: Superconducting, reliable, lightweight and more powerful offshore wind turbine.

SUPRAPOWER project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 308793

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SUPRAPOWER aims to develop a new concept of an innovative, lightweight, robust and reliable wind turbine for offshore applications using superconducting (SC) technologies. This innovative concept will be a key technology to scale power up wind turbines to 10MW and beyond.

This project has the following overall objectives:

  • To reduce the head mass, size and cost of offshore wind turbines by means of a compact superconducting generator.

  • To reduce operating, maintenance and transportation costs and to increase life cycle using an innovative direct drive system.

  • To increase the reliability and efficiency of high power wind turbines through a drive-train specific integration in nacelle.

  • To maximize the power conversion and wind response of the wind turbine by means of dedicated control systems/procedures.

  • To facilitate the development of the offshore wind potential and support its drastic increase.


Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain) SOLUTE Ingenieros (Spain) Ingeteam Service S.A. (Spain) Columbus Superconductor Spa (Italy) Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovac Academy of Sciences (Slovakia) University of Southampton (United Kingdom) Karlsruher Institut Technologie (Germany) D2M Engineering (France)