Suprapower: Superconducting, reliable, lightweight and more powerful offshore wind turbine.

SUPRAPOWER project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 308793

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Documents and Publications

PDF document D3.4 Test results report of the first modular cryostat

This report (January 2016) describes the experimental setup and test results of the first modular cryostat (see D3.3 First modular cryostat). This cryostat has been specifically designed and manufactured for validating the design and performance before the manufacturing of the scale machine 2 modular cryostats. The temperature profile of both stages of the GM cryocooler and dummy coil has been experimentally measured during the cooling down and warming up. The heat load of the modular cryostat has been estimated based on the measured temperature.

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PDF document D3.3 First modular cryostat

This report (December 2015) describes the manufacturing process of the first modular cryostat. It has similar dimensions and characteristics of the modular cryostats of the 10 MW superconducting generator developed in SUPRAPOWER project. Cryostat parts such as the dummy coil, the active cooled shield and the vacuum vessel are described and shown in detail. The pre-assembly process of the superconducting coil and the active cooled shield is also shown in this report.

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PDF document D2.4 Report on the test results of an MgB2 coil for a 10MW wind generator

This report (May 2015) covers the procedure and test results of the first real scale MgB2 double pancake coil, which design and construction was reported in D2.3 public deliverable. The coil has been tested at different temperatures under cryogen-free conditions. The resistive curve as well as the V-I curve have been measured and the stability of the coil in cryogen-free conditions has been verified.

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PDF document SUPRAPOWER First workshop on high power generators: Presentation 1-Impact of Tower Top weight on the cost of the structure

Presentation on Impact of tower top weight on the cost of the support structure, made by Tupac Canosa from SOLUTE.

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