Suprapower: Superconducting, reliable, lightweight and more powerful offshore wind turbine.

SUPRAPOWER project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 308793

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Documents and Publications

Other file type SUPRAPOWER Final Workshop-SUPRAPOWER project Session

SUPRAPOWER Final workshop SUPRAPOWER project Session presentations: 1.- MgB2 cryogen free superconducting generator concept experimental validation. Gustavo Sarmiento. TECNALIA. 2.- Superconducting coils design and manufacturing. Matteo Tropeano. COLUMBUS. 3.- Cryogen free cooling systems and cryostats. Jiuce Sun. KIT. 4.- 10 MW Superconducting wind turbine. Antonio Fernández. INGETEAM

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Other file type SUPRAPOWER Final Workshop-Opening Session

SUPRAPOWER Final workshop Opening Session presentations: 1.- Welcome and Introduction. Iker Marino, SUPRAPOWER coordinator. TECNALIA. 2.- Impact of R&I policies in offshore wind illustrated by projects. Susanna Galloni, European Commission.

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PDF document SEAENERGY 2017 SUPRAPOWER project Poster

Poster about SUPRAPOWER project presented by Xavier Duluc, D2M in SEAENERGY 2017, Le Havre, France

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PDF document Towards 10MW Turbines trough nacelle weight reduction

Presentation by Antonio Fernández from INGETEAM in The wind Energy Sector European Challenge. Workshop & Conferences, Barcelona, November 2016.

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Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain) SOLUTE Ingenieros (Spain) Ingeteam Service S.A. (Spain) Columbus Superconductor Spa (Italy) Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovac Academy of Sciences (Slovakia) University of Southampton (United Kingdom) Karlsruher Institut Technologie (Germany) D2M Engineering (France)